About the Herbert Herald

Welcome to the New Herbert Herald!

The Herbert Herald was originally created by Pat Cody in 1936, on a beat up typewriter.

Hugh provides this history:

My other memory is of Pat starting the “Herbert Herald” that same year.  She took one of those long pads of yellow unlined paper which was very cheaply made.  You could actually see small chips of wood in it!  She used a big fat No. 2 pencil and with a ruler, struck a horizontal line across the sheet about two inches from the top.  The rest of the sheet she divided into three vertical columns.

She carefully drew “HERBERT HERALD” across the top with the date and then started to tediously print out family news in the columns.  It took her hours to do one sheet.  The content was all about the family, our school activities, friends (only a few) and local news of interest.  I cannot recall her total output, but it was several copies which she sent to various relatives.

Three houses up the street from us were an older couple, the Cutlers.  Mrs. Cutler took an interest in Pat and used to lend her books from her own collection.  Mr. Cutler also took an interest in Pat but with a bit of difference.  He was a real lecher and while there was never anything of an overt nature, Pat told me years later that even as a young teen, she felt uncomfortable around him altho at the time she didn’t realize why.

Anyhow, Mr. Cutler gave Pat an old used Royal typewriter and she soon put it to good use to draw up a more modern version of the Herbert Herald.

It was resurrected in a print edition the 1980s and 90s. Now, seventy-seven years after it started, it has been reborn in this digital format, which can be continually updated.

This is the new repository of news and remembrances of the family Herbert. Please enjoy, contribute and share with other members of the family. And don’t forget to subscribe so you get notified when new things are posted.


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