Who are the Tweeting Herberts?

A little bird told me that some of the Herberts have taken to Twitter.

Our Twitter feeds may be a bit specialized, but they offer windows into another aspect of our lives and work. If you would like to share your own Twitter handle, blog or other form of digital expression, please share!

Katherine Hawkins is an active tweeter. Her tweets often relate to her work around Guantanamo Bay inmates and the Middle East. Her Twitter handle is @Krhawkins5

Nora Cody has a blog called ididn’tasktobeborn where she has shared some parenting advice.

I have an active blog at Education Week, called Living in Dialogue

My blog focuses on education policy, as do my tweets. You can follow me on Twitter at @anthonycody

Also, here is a bit of Herbert trivia. You may recall that Hugh shared his discovery he made a few years back that our ancestor’s name was actually Halbert, not Herbert. You might be interested to know that a “halbert” is another name for a halberd, which Wikipedia describes as:A halberd (also called halbard, halbert or Swiss voulge) is a two-handed pole weapon that came to prominent use during the 14th and 15th centuries. The word halberd may come from the German words Halm (staff), and Barte (axe). In modern-day German, the weapon is called a Hellebarde. The halberd consists of an axe blade topped with a spike mounted on a long shaft. It always has a hook or thorn on the back side of the axe blade for grappling mounted combatants.

So perhaps the Herbert family crest should be adapted to incorporate this ancient weapon.


2 thoughts on “Who are the Tweeting Herberts?


    Katherine Hawkins tweets regularly about security and privacy issues. And she has an item in Huffington about the non-openness of the Senate Intelligence Committee.


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