Memories of Pat

By Faith Herbert

Paul, the kids and I had great times in Berkeley with Pat and Fred and their children. The house on Fulton Street was the base for many trips to San Francisco, Cody’s Books and Telegraph Avenue. Pat always made us feel so welcome.

I remember many summers when the kids would visit in Berkeley and Pat would always have activities for them to do such as making aprons and drawing pictures on plates, which I still have and use today.  Pat sewed a personalized blanket for each of our six grandchildren – this was so typical of Pat’s kindness and thoughtfulness of others.

Paul enjoyed going to spend time with Pat particularly after Christmas when she held her annual Boxing Day party.   He especially loved talking politics with her, as she was out front on any political cause of the day.  We also appreciated all the newspaper clippings that Pat used to send us.  And, as a prolific reader, she was never at a loss to recommend a good book.

Pat leaves a wonderful and proud legacy in her children and grandchildren.

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