Uncle Paul

by Nancy Thall
Family visits were between Carpinteria and Yorba Linda were regular and happy memories once we moved to California when I was 14. I loved going to Uncle Paul and Aunt Faith’s, with all the animals they had, and visiting with my cousins, not to mention the excellent cooking! Uncle Paul and Aunt Faith were always very kind, generous, and welcoming.
One memory especially stands out for me of Uncle Paul. I was living in Los Angeles, and at the time did not have a car or drive. Uncle Bob was out visiting, I think while at a conference in LA, and there was a family get together at Uncle Paul and Aunt Faith’s house on a Saturday. Unfortunately, I worked every Saturday as a dog groomer, and could not attend. Uncle Paul drove himself and Uncle Bob over to my house the next evening, and we went out to dinner and a movie. I enjoyed the visit very much and will always appreciate his kindness.
Uncle Paul came up to Berkeley and spoke at a tribute to Aunt Pat by DES Action, and also he and Aunt Faith, despite health issues, made the effort and came to our meeting of our ‘new relatives’. I was so sorry to hear if his declining health, and miss his warmth and kindness.

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