Uncle Artie

by Nancy Thall
I always thought of Uncle Artie as my dashing uncle, so handsome! I told him that it tickled me when he kissed me because of his mustache! He and Aunt Sheila were some of my very favorite people. When we lived in New Jersey for 7 years, Uncle Art and Aunt Sheila were our closest relatives, and would coordinate vacations at work for family visits. It’s funny that Uncle Artie worked at Nabisco, since he didn’t have much of a sweet tooth. When they came to visit us, their whole trunk would be filled with Nabisco cookies and crackers for us! He was always so kind and sweet. After our family moved to California, Aunt Sheila would regularly fly out, but I didn’t see Uncle Artie for years because of his fear of flying.
When I lived in the Washington, DC area for 2 years (18 years ago), I was only able to make one visit to family, because of work, lack of money, and car issues. I went up to Long Island to visit Aunt Sheila and Uncle Artie. Unfortunately, Allison had already had a trip to Florida scheduled, so I missed her. But Chris came over with two of his girls, and Lynn also came by. Uncle Artie was so lovely and wonderful a host, he rolled out the red carpet for me! He found out that I was a vegetarian, and made me a vegetarian spaghetti dinner, and refused to let me help cook or clean. He even offered to lend me some money, which of course I refused. He and Aunt Sheila were such lovely, dear people!
I enjoyed his visits to California in later years, when Leslie would bring him up to the Bay Area to visit. We would talk about how thick his hair still was, and he would joke that we could touch it for a nickel!  I know Linda and I had talked about having a party if he lived to be 100, and I was so hoping to see him one last time. What a wonderful man!

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