Remembering Pat and Paul

by Gerry Ryan

Aunt Pat:

I didn’t get to meet Aunt Pat until late in life (65). I don’t think I ever would have connected with the Herbert family but for Aunt Pat. Nobody could have welcomed me, Peter, Amy, Beth and our families like Aunt Pat did. Without ever having seen us, she arranged for a big family union-reunion. She even gave us copies of the 1989 reunion video for each member of our family. I did get to see her on seven occasions in the less than a year that I knew her. She gave me a number of things to remember the Herbert family by – a few copies of Uncle Bob’s books, a copy of Cody’s Books, the family genealogy, and some of the little booklets that her mother, Rose, budgeted the food allowance for a family of eight children in the depression.

Uncle Paul:

Uncle Paul and Aunt faith came up from Yorba Linda to meet meet, me, Amy and Beth at the union-reunion that Aunt Pat arranged. Debbie and I also visited with him when we went down to Leslie’s home Thanksgiving weekend of 2011. We were also down last Thanksgiving, but he and Aunt Faith were too ill to receive visitors. I did get to speak to him on the telephone though.

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